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Thredbo Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike Overview

Mountain Biking in ThredboTDH

Thredbo is fast becoming the Mountain Biking capital in the Snowy Mountains, with trails ranging from the exhilarating Downhill course to the fun of the pump track, there is a trail and adventure for any Mountain Biking enthusiast.

Mountain Bike Induction

This is a mandatory two hour introduction tour of either the Thredbo Downhill or Kosciuszko Flow Trail. It involves a safety brief, protective equipment and bike inspection, introduction to lift usage, explanations of technical sections of the trails and a general introduction to the great riding in Thredbo.


Cannonball Downhill Trail

Level: Advanced Technical Distance: 3.3km Highlights: Snakes and ladders technical section, Bunnywalk Gap Jump, Milk Run Wall Ride

Thredbo’s signature trail, the famous Cannonball DH Trail takes riders to their physical and mental limits. Starting at the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift and descending 600m vertically through the tree-lined Supertrail slopes. Cannonball tests riders with off-camber roots, rock drops, jumps, wall-ride and other technical features that the gravity specialists dream about. Recent upgrades include the addition of World Cup style sections that have been widened with more fall-line added along with some big jumps in the mix for the freeriders *Full-face helmet compulsory.

Kosciuszko Flow Trail

Intermediate Distance: 4.5km Highlights: Fluid switchbacks, epic views. Great intro to downhill riding

The Kosciuszko Flow trail is an intermediate gravity trail, perfect for those looking for an introduction into downhill riding. Starting at the peak of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift, riders roll through single-track with never ending rollers and smooth berms to keep the flow going, it is a blast top to bottom. The Kosciuszko Flow makes its way through breathtaking mountain scenery, including eucalypt forests and grassy open slopes, the gradient steady giving riders a more mellow ride, but still providing the adrenalin rush of downhilling. This is a great warm up for the Cannonball.

Thredbo All-Mountain Trail (via All Mountain Connector)

Intermediate Flow Distance: 6.5km Highlights: Epic flowing singletrack, lush forest sections, undulating traverses

The latest and greatest in Thredbo’s expanding trail network. The new Thredbo All Mountain Trail head is at the peak of Gunbarrel Express Chairlift. It promises unrivalled views down the Thredbo Valley towards Jindabyne. The descent takes you through the Cruiser ski area, winding down the slopes you negotiate flowing switchbacks, smooth rollers, boulder rides and some fast downhill sections.

Then you are into impressive tall eucalypt forest, then onto open snowgrass fields and High Noon slopes. The All-Mountain trail provides some of the best flowing single-track on offer in Thredbo. Although not as steep and technical as the Kosciuszko Flow Trail, it offers advanced riders more difficult line options with or without the wheels leaving the ground. This trail is ideal on a small travel all mountain bike.

Once at the trail head you can decide whether to continue along the village cross country network or hook into the spectacular Thredbo Valley Track.

All-Mountain Temporary Access

Intermediate Flow Distance: 3.5km

Utilising the Kosciuszko Flow Trail and mountain access roads, the All-Mountain Temporary Access is the trail used to get to the Thredbo All-Mountain Trail that starts at the top of the Gunbarrel Express Chairlift. The connector includes epic single-track on the Kosciuszko Flow and some widened gravel sections on the mountain access roads.


Friday Flat Loop

Beginner/Intermediate Flow Distance: 2.4km Highlights: Undulating creek crossings, beginner switchbacks and gradual climbs

An easier cross country loop that is perfect for all levels. Starting at the Thredbo Valley Track trailhead, riders head into the forest traversing their way towards the opening of Friday Flat ski area. The undulating terrain takes you across bridges, through gum trees before a winding climb up the slopes to the Creek Station trail hub before they head back down the High Noon switchbacks. Friday Flat Loop also links the Thredbo Valley Track and Bridle Loop to the rest of the trail network.

Village Loop

Level:Beginner/Intermediate Technical Distance: 2.9km Highlights: Technical climb, Village views, fun descent back to village

The Village Loop heads out from Valley Terminal past the base of Snowgums and Merritts Chairlift before dropping below the Thredbo Bobsled, that’s your warm up, now you start to climb. Riders rise up behind Woodridge Estate, passing the impressive rockpools, there is a seat there where you can take a break and take in the sights and sounds of Merritts Creek. Keep on the trail and you pop out at the Creek Station trail hub. This is where the All-Mountain – Friday Flat Loop and Village Loop meet. If you choose to stay on the Village Loop you head back into the forest to the top of the Bobsled, with sweeping views across the whole village, riders will traverse and wind up towards the lower gravity trails. You can either continue on to the Golf Course Connector to get to the picturesque Golf Course Loop or jump onto the lower Kosciuszko Flow Trail to head back to Valley Terminal. This trail is accessed by the Friday Flat Loop, Valley Terminal and the All-Mountain Trail.

Golf Course Connector

Level:Intermediate Distance: 600m Highlights: Technical climb, Village views, fun descent back to village

An intermediate short connector trail running from the Village Loop and Kosciuszko Flow Trail through to the Golf Course Loop. Running behind the Crackenback Ridge area, riders will have a small climb before heading back downhill along Meadows to the Golf Course trailhead.

Golf Course Loop

:Advanced Technical Distance: 2.4km Highlights: Golf Course views, follows the Thredbo River, variety of terrain

This picturesque trail starts at the top of Crackenback Ridge, access is via Crackenback Drive close to the Thredbo Community Centre. Once through the top gate, you will make a left turn onto the single track heading in an anti-clockwise direction around Thredbo’s Golf Course. Skirting the 9 hole course, you ride along the Thredbo River through snowgums where you may even spot some wildlife. Riders then continue beside the fairway back to the village. With a few small steps, short technical climbs and the odd rock garden to negotiate, this one is for the more intermediate to advanced riders.

Pipeline Path

Beginner Flow Distance: 2km Features A great warm up easy access from the village, quiet scenic ride

The Pipeline Path is the easiest trail on offer throughout the MTB network. Starting out from the end of the day car park near the Thredbo Leisure Centre on Friday Drive, the Pipeline Path follows the Thredbo River on a gentle flat pedal through a quiet forest of eucalypts and a garden of various native vegetation. With only a slight undulation you make your way to the snowmaking pond here you can stop for a break, dip in the pond or keep pedalling onto the Friday Flat Loop, Bridle Loop or Thredbo Valley Track or simply follow the track behind the big carpark, onto Friday Drive back to the village.

Bridle Trail Loop

Intermediate Technical Distance: 1.9km Features: Challenging climbs, fluid descents, links up with the TVT

The Bridle Loop is a short and sharp technical loop accessed by the start of the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT). The trail heads downhill towards the Thredbo River on an exhilaratingly flowy section of the TVT before making a tight uphill turn into a technical climb that will test not only the novice climbing skills, but also the cross country specialists. A quick descent takes you back to the trailhead in the open fields with a lovely view of the Thredbo River.


Thredbo Valley Track - Rangers Station Loop

Level:Beginner Distance: 12km return Highlights: - Unrivalled river views, easy going riding, plenty of picturesque rest areas

This is an impressive trail ride with a nice mix of terrain and highlights. A shared use trail takes riders down the picturesque Thredbo Valley across three amazing suspension bridges to the old Rangers Station. Meandering along the banks of the famous Thredbo River, riders can maintain flow undulating though open grasslands and thick eucalyptus. This section of the trail is perfect for the beginners with some climbing involved on the return trip back to Thredbo.

Thredbo Valley Track - One Way to Thredbo Diggings / Crackenback

:Beginner/Intermediate Distance: 14.5km to Thredbo Diggings, 20km to Lake Crackenback Resort Features: Unrivalled river views, easy going riding, plenty of picturesque rest areas

Continuing on from the above ride, riders then cross the river from the Ranger Station on another impressive archway bridge. Here you will find the excitement starts to pick up in the forests and open woodlands with smooth descents and short uphill bursts littered with rollers to keep the flow going. Running parallel with the run of the Thredbo River, you continue onto Thredbo Diggings riverside campsites where riders can call it a day or if the energy is there, make you way to the well-maintained trails of Lake Crackenback Resort.


Hollywood Jump Park

:Intermediate/Advanced Flow Distance: 300m

The Hollywood Jump Park located off the Kosciuszko Flow & Cannonball Downhill is ideal fun for the intermediate riders and dirt jumpers alike. With tabletops, step-ups, step-downs & hips to negotiate riders can get all the airtime needed to impress their mates as they ride the chairlift above. With all features rollable, wheels don’t have to leave the ground to be a star in the Hollywood Jump Park!

Village Green Pump Track

: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

The Thredbo Pump Track on the Village Green is awesome fun for the whole family. A pump track is a continuous loop of berms and rollers with momentum gained as riders pump their way around the course. Undergoing a full rebuild by Dirt Art for the 2015/16 summer season, the pump track offers a blast for all riding styles. The track design is fairly free form and offers great head to head racing through the two main lines. There is near endless variations possible on the race lines and plenty of gaps and jumps to be scoped throughout the endless rollers. The Pump Track helps your mountain biking skill set and it’s also great fitness.

Snowgums Skills Park


Thredbo’s Skills Park is the place for any rider to fine-tune their skills before heading out on the trails. The Skills Park, located at the base of Snowgums Chairlift, consists of a range of features and obstacles including a line of progressive drops, small jumps, ladder bridges and gentle berms to work your turns on.

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